Machines for Soles factories and footwear industry

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Costruzioni Meccaniche VAV

The two actual principals: Antonio Provenzano, Vittorio Merlotti after a long militating as technicians at “Officina Meccanica Merlotti & C.”, decided to take over its production, strong in their unreplaceable experience ripened in many years. So, Costruzioni Meccaniche V.A.V. was born in 2002, the firm preserves the property of Merlotti machines for pre-finished soles and increases it with new machines to improve the production in the growing requirements of the sole-factory.In the year 2012 V.A.V. buys the BRUGGI brand and the construction rights of the entire range of machines for the processing of prefinished soles and service and supply of spare parts and accessories worldwide. V.A.V. is a supplier of machines for the processing of soles to the best Italian shoe factories. V.A.V. has customers all over the world.

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Customer care

The care in planning, the selection of suitable materials for manufacturing, chosen from the best trade-mark in mechanics, pneumatics, electronics components, make functional, entrustable and durable our machines. It is our boast that we attend to follow the customer for the choice of the machine and for making changes for special requirements. For us it is very important:

  • After sales

    Follow the customer after the sale, with our spare-parts stock

  • Service

    The service with usual and extraordinary maintenance

  • Special Matrix

    blades, sharpening, cutter sharpening and manufacturing of special matrix for the needs of customers for bevelling machines